Am I alone up here?

Expectations based on assumptions can lead to your biggest downfalls.


I wrote this post over a year ago and never posted for a few reasons; I’m not even sure what my aim was writing it. I wasn’t sure if I was alone in these thoughts or whether I was ready to release them onto the world, but a friend gave me some kind words and urged me to post it. 

Expectations based on assumptions can lead to your biggest downfalls. Sometimes when things are left unsaid or unanswered we assume our own versions of reality and expect outcomes which are unrealistic and which deviate from the course nature’s taking. Recently I’ve found that to take this path and alter your own perception of what is real can be extremely demoralising, mentally exhausting and leaves you with a weird sense of confusion when you snap back to reality. But what are you to do when your inner self can build up such an illusion over such a short space of time, when the voice inside your head remains so clear and omniscient?

If there’s one thing that my latest endeavour has taught me, for all of my failures, all of my un-reached expectations, all of my tasks and goals I haven’t achieved, it’s that I am the single element holding myself back. In almost every situation I can recall, I could have altered the outcome for the better by acting in a different way. I think back to certain scenarios to try and understand why I did or didn’t do certain things or I try and understand how I’ve ended up at the conclusion of a certain event, it always come down to the fact that I either listened to myself, or I lost an argument with myself and talked myself out of doing something. I lost an argument with myself and talked myself out of doing something. Let that sink in for a second. Even as I wrote that line, I thought, how does that make sense? I understand the concept of debating options with yourself internally or verbally, but why do I always choose the wrong option and why is it a persistent battle in my head? Is there more than one voice I’m debating with, they all sound the same!

Maybe this new found understanding, that I am the only restriction to my own happiness and success, is the first step of acceptance and progression and I can start to finally move forward and work around this? Or maybe this new found understanding of the mess that’s in my head is finally confirmation that I’m crazy?!

I guess we’re all a little crazy inside.

I hope you all have an adventurous and successful 2019!

-The Bloggerman

Springtime poetry!

My first (and a triple) Haiku!

My favourite time of year is here, Spring. The weather is better, ever body seems that much happier. It’s a time of new beginnings, which has driven me on to trying something new. So here you have it, my first (triple) Haiku! I hope you like it 😀

Flowers blossoming,
Bumble-bees forever buzzing,
Pleasantly profound.

Clear skies all around,
The ground is full of colour,
Winter is no more.

A sea of new growth,
Animals spawning their young,
Life’s circle complete.

IMG_0831 (2)

Here’s a Spring-y picture to finish things off!

-The Bloggerman

20th September 2016 – Quote of the day

It’s funny, we spend such a small amount of time in this crazy messed up world. Yet we always find ourselves letting it slip away in such a preposterous manner it’s uncanny. Too much we dwell on the past, on issues that when you look back weren’t all that much of an issue and for what??

“So many people get involved with carrying grudges and having these moral battles with people, where they cast themselves as the righteous and the other guy is the dirtbag. They waste tons of energy on it, create all kinds of darkness around themselves and the other person. It gets you nothing.” – Stephen J Cannell

-The Bloggerman

12th September 2016 – Quote of the day

So I recently unearthed a little gem called Poor Richard’s Almanac, by Benjamin Franklin, a collection of periodicals were issued from 1732 to 1757. They contain humour, information, and proverbial wisdom. Some of the quotes seem really ahead of their time, definitely a high recommendation!

“If you would not be forgotten
As soon as you are dead and rotten,
Either write things worth reading,
Or do things worth the writing.” 
– Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack 1738

-The Bloggerman

Quality YOU time!

Hey guys and girls! How are we all?

I know it’s been a while since my last proper blog, but it’s been a bit of a busy time at work with summer (not that we’ve had much of that!), so forgive me please.

To quote Newton’s Third Law – For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Life comes with its high’s and low’s, I’m yet to meet a person who is always on a buzz with no down time, it’s how we deal with the low’s and what you do to keep yourself on the right track in life (I mean this in the literal sense to your own personal agenda, no one really knows what track we’re supposed to be heading down, do they?)

Stress, fatigue, repetitiveness, grief, isolation … just a few things that can bum a vibe! I personally find stress gets to me the most. I find the universe bottles up as many things as it can find to niggle at my stress levels and throws them at me all at once, it’s never just one problem at a time is it? These will be things like work, money, cars, trying to balance everything into my life … don’t worry I’m not going to indulge in all of my life problems, maybe a different day 🙂

I’m rather fortunate, I work in an office with a few bodies and most of my down time is spent in the gym or with my friends, so I actually spend a rather small amount of time alone. Due to having a small amount of alone time this gives me reason to utilise that time and make it all about me. Obviously everybody is different, but for me personally this time is key to reflect and relate on the happenings of the world and my world. I will usually kick back and put a chilled playlist of music on which really lets me relax, music is massive part of my life so with the right genre it helps me through pretty much any emotion. Sometimes I’ll delve into some meditation and ‘cleanse’ my inner self. Meditation is a topic I’ll write a couple of blogs over the next few months, I honestly can’t tell you how much better it makes me feel, emotionally and physically.

Change the Direction Quote

You always hear of people saying to spend quality time with loved ones, family and friends. What about YOU!? Please never forget yourself.

To repeat what I said earlier, everybody is different. The way you utilise your time will be personal to you. Unfortunately finding what is right for you to relax and unwind is something I cannot help you with, but I’m a really strong believer that if you spend some Quality time on and with yourself you will most definitely feel better about everything.

I would love to hear some feedback on how you achieve this, or if you didn’t before how you are going to try!?

-The Bloggerman

Liebster Award!

So … I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award, a big thank you to (go check her out if you’re not already a follower). This is my first award so a little green towards all of this!



  1. Which emotion you would chose? Sensitivity or honesty?
    Sensitivity, as honest is not always the best policy!
  2. Favourite movie from 80’s-90? Why?
    Back to the Future, I don’t think it needs an explanation, but due to the amazing ideology in the movies and incredible cast performances.
  3. what would you rather choose? mountains or water?
    Mountains, usually they come with some form of water type feature anyway 🙂 or is that cheating?
  4. The one thing that you don’t like about yourself?
    My teeth …
  5. Dogs or cats? Why?
    I don’t like either … but Cats! I’ve had both, and currently have both. And by a long stretch the cat is far less of a hindrance than the dog!
  6. Which book genre you would choose to write your own story for?
    Either fantasy or an autobiography (because I’m that fascinating :P)
  7. One person that completes you and why?
    Probably my mates, it’s the only place we can truly be who we are.
  8. What kind of people can’t be entertained by you at all? Hypocrites or liars?
    Neither, time is too short and too valuable to waste ‘entertaining’ people that are merely stepping stones in your journey. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, as the negative people are what truly shape us, just neither have my true attention.
  9. Irritating thing about you that others like?
    My quick witted responses 😀
  10. If you are given the job to direct a movie based on a novel,what book would it be?
    Harry Potter! By far my favourite novel … actually one of my favourite things period. Although, I would have it made in relation to the horrific fan theory that Harry Potter is actually in a mental home (Hogwarts) and the whole story is part of his extremely disturbing imagination.
  11. One word that defines you perfectly?



  1. I’m a speed freak when it comes to cars and motor vehicles!
  2. I’m rather tall, coming in around 6’4.
  3. My music taste is extensively varied, from Bach – Slipknot – Nas, pretty much all basis are covered!
  4. My main goal in life is to own a helicopter with a pilots license 😀
  5. I’m a massive follower of Manchester United Football Club!
  6. I’m one of the worst morning persons you’ll ever meet LOL
  7. I had the potential to become a mathematical genius, but I chose the life-style of women and crime 😉
  8. I laugh at my own jokes more than other people do, but that’s just because I’m hilarious!!!!
  9. If there were one person I could meet, dead or alive, it would be Eminem.
  10. I meditate, and I would recommend meditation in any form to EVERYONE!
  11. I’m a bit of a gym freak, usually between 3-5 times a week. This allows me to eat all of the cr**py food I want :P!!



  1. What is your favourite place/country and why?
  2. If you were to choose a dinner date with any 3 people (past and present) who would they be?
  3. How do you achieve your “you” time?
  4. Why did you start blogging and when?
  5. What is your main goal/aim in life?
  6. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
  7. Who is your favourite blogger so far?
  8. What is your favourite aspect of season and time? (e.g. winter/summer/day/night)
  9. What is your greatest fear?
  10. What was the last picture you took? (phone or camera etc)
  11. If you could wake up in the body of any person for a day, who would you choose, why, and what would you do?





05th August 2016 – Quote of the day

One rule I try to live by in my life is that I try and take a positive out of any situation, no matter how bad that situation is and live with no regrets. I think this quote is a brilliant way to perceive a negative as a positive.

“I am thankful to all of those that have said no, it’s because of them that I did it myself!” – Albert Einstein

-The Bloggerman

29th July 2016 – Quote of the day

So I see a lot of bloggers that do a quote of the day, so I thought I’d jump in and start with one of my own. This won’t be a daily thing for me, but maybe a weekly, we shall see 🙂


“Knowledge is power! However knowledge does not help, if you do not act upon it!”


– The Bloggerman