Welcome to my photography gallery. My blog posts relating to photo’s seem to be quite popular so I will update this from time to with new galleries of my escapades and adventures. Excuse the quality in some, usually (99% of the time) I only have a mobile at hand, which isn’t the greatest for capturing anything over 2 metres away!
Anyway, as you can see, I love sunsets. So you’ll be seeing lots of those. Also a couple of holidays planned this year and albums from last years extravaganza’s!

Sunset Paradise!

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General Photography

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10 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. I sadly didn’t get a chance to look at the gallery last night so brought my old ipad into work hoping I could view them on that, sadly the ipad doesnt want to show the images at all. From what I can tell on my phone though they look superb.

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          1. Apple products look nice but I find them expensive. This ipad is very old, a series 2 I think so I would expect some degradation, but if i were to buy something I dont think i’d actively look for an apple product simply due to the prices they charge.

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            1. Haha that’s pretty much been my opinion of apple since they began!! The mark up compared to other brands is ridiculous right?! TBH I’m not sure I need a tablet, but the laptop is on its way out …


            2. Not sure on your budget, but something liek a surface pro may be worth a look, you can get a keyboard, its touch screen too so essentially a laptop and a tablet. Current incarnation is the Surface 4, I think they are expensive though

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