So I’ve always been enthralled by new and upcoming cryptocurrencies. In a world where everything is becoming more and more contact less and given the current climate with the global pandemic it doesn’t seem it will be too long before cash is a thing of the past.

It’s also an ever growing factor that people are awakening to the role and power banks have throughout the world in regards to interest rates and loans and lending and the general cost of holding and passing money. The want and need for a free transaction process is becoming ever greater and how long is it really before the world opens up to a major crypto play.

I’ve just come across a new and upcoming cryptocurrency which is in the very early days of its cycle, but I think if you’re one that’s interested in the exponential rate of growth these currencies are achieving I emplore you to check this out. has just begun it’s public growth stage before becoming main market and listing on the cryptocurrency exchange, which means if you’re looking for the next big thing to get involved with this could be it, you don’t need any input of money to jump on this wagon, just a mobile and an app store.

Build your bank of Bees before it becomes monopolised and monetised and you could be sitting on a nice little earner in the not so distant future.

Simply log in each day and click the bee to start collecting, referring people is their incentive for you to earn more Bees which will gain the popularity they need to get to the main marketing point at which point you’ll no longer be able to pick up free Bees.

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