Happy 14th February

Just a little shout out to all my Single friends and bloggers. I hope you have an amazing day on yet another hyped up, commercialised day of worship to another mystical glorious Saint!


Just because you’re ‘alone’ today doesn’t make you any less of a person. You keep being the best YOU that you can be and I’m sure someone will come along one day and show you how much they love and worship you every day, not just on Valentine’s Day!

I don’t look at people celebrating today with their partners with distaste, just don’t forget to not neglect your significant others for the other 364 days in the year (for a start it’s cheaper on any other day 😉 )

-The Bloggerman

5 thoughts on “Happy 14th February

  1. I oppose this day as this day has now more commercial significance and have become an easy approach of commercial enterprises to rob the fleeting and superficial.

    The balloons can burst or deflate; flowers will wilt eventually; that card can be soiled and may be discarded; the candy will be consumed and passed through the lower intestine into waste, but true love expressed with sincere feelings – without superficial items will last forever. You don’t need any of this just once in a year. Instead, show it how you truly feel about someone you love, with your devotion, dedication and sincerity every day!

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    1. Well said! I couldn’t have put it better myself ☺️ modern day consumerism and commercialism has really taken control of all of these types days, Easter, Christmas. They all propose that you should spend money for the benefit of others otherwise you’re this ungodly horrible person. It’s such a farce that almost everyone abides by and so many people feel like they aren’t worthy if they don’t!


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