Weekly photo prompt – Shadows


When I’m at the beach I can’t resist getting out the camera or the phone and start snapping. I’ve posted this picture because it’s different from the norm of my photos, for one main reason; it wasn’t taken by me, I’m the one holding the sun 😀  I loved the silhouette and shadowed effect the sun gave, so much so that I had to be in the photo and get my friend to take it!


-The Bloggerman

16 thoughts on “Shadows

    1. Me too, especially on a beach! My friend has the best back garden for dusk/sunsets too, the backdrop just drops away and the landscape opens right up, you may notice a few shots from there!


      1. I’ll check them out when I can. Most of the shots on mine are sadly not taken by me accept the instagram ones, they are.


        1. All the photos on here are mine, in my blogs I use pictures and quoted pictures off the internet for emphasis but I try to use my own photos all the time. I’ll follow your insta, it’s 100% my favourite media platform!


          1. I normally find picture fromt he net and credit back to them where I can find the proper author. My insta account is little used if I am honest I am not that great a photo creator


      1. I was born in a tourist city next to the beach but I haven’t been there since I was 8 years old so I do know how amazing it is to live next to the beach. I visit family in Long Beach and Downtown Los Angeles almost yearly I just haven’t done much photography while there, I might this year though!


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