High five! Have some advice!

So if by some miracle you are here, reading my first blog entry, welcome!
I made this blog around a year ago with the intentions of updating every month or so … As you can see this is my first blog and that hasn’t gone to plan!

Okay so I’m going to be giving some advice which I hope will be handy to everyone, but if only one person takes something from this that’s still a success. (And i guess kind of relevant to me starting this blog a year later)

“It’s never too late!”

Now whether this statement will relate to you in regards to business, relationship, health, trying something new and scary or in any other form I’ve found that it pretty much covers the board however you look at it. I’m neither a wise old man, nor an ego crazy teen, just a middle aged guy who’s seen a little bit here and there.

I’ve found the biggest problem with change in regards to any of the topics this statement could help you with is that people will hang on to a mistake, or will be too scared of trying something new because of the time they’ve invested in the previous.

I’m surrounded by people who; are in relationships solely for the fact that they have been with them for a elongated period of time, are at jobs they no longer enjoy or aspire to achieving promotion, won’t incorporate a healthy lifestyle because they’re unorganised or are  “in routine” etc and the list goes on.

My point is that people worry about what’s around the corner and the thing is, Nobody knows! If you’ve spent 3 years investing time into X and you’ve come to the conclusion it isn’t the right thing for you, surely it is worth starting again with Y and not investing more into X? Time is of the essence and we only have a small amount of it in hindsight, so why not branch out and try something new or a little different? Jump out of a plane, apply for that new job, ask that guy/girl out you’ve been giving eye contact to every day, learn a new language;

It’s never too late!



Now, if somehow, you’ve held on until the end and read through, firstly; Thank you!
Secondly, as mentioned previously, I’m just a guy with an opinion and my blogs will be a mixture of opinions and personal escapades, which I hope you will all enjoy,

Until next time,

The Bloggerman

P.S Any advice is very welcome, please PM me!